Play Video Poker on Mobile

video poker on mobile

It’s a lot of fun to be able to play video poker mobile, and there are many chances to play. As video poker is similar to slot machines it is very simple to transfer it to mobile devices, which many developers have done. In video poker, you don’t play against other players, you simply play with a computerised dealer. There are several different kinds of video poker games to choose from and they are easy to learn.

Video poker applies the same rules as normal poker, however, it is seen as easier. You will be dealt five cards after choosing your wager and you have to choose which cards to hold. Then you simply click “deal” and get your new cards, which will determine whether you get a winning hand or not. Which hands pay out is decided by which kind of video poker game you are playing. Read on to learn more about:

  • How to play video poker on a mobile device
  • Different kinds of video poker
  • Developers of video poker
  • Tips for beginners

How to play video poker on a mobile device

Playing video poker on a mobile device works the same as when you are playing it on a computer. If you have ever played video poker in a land-based casino you know that they have already implemented touch screens on the machines. The only difference is actually the size; the screen is smaller on a tablet or smartphone. You can play video poker on any kind of mobile devices like Android and iOS.

Different Kinds of Video Poker

There are different kinds of video poker that can be played on mobile devices. There is the popular Jacks or Better where you have to get at least a pair of jacks to win; pairs lower than that do not pay out. Another version of video poker is Deuces Wild, where number two counts as a wild, or a joker, whichever you prefer. Sometimes there are games with progressive jackpots or bonus features as well.

Developers of Mobile Video Poker

NetEnt is a well-known developer of slot machines and they also offer their players a range of different video poker games. NetEnt was fast with optimizing their games for mobile devices, and of course, their video poker games work well on smartphones and tablets. The graphics are clear and the games are of high quality. Other developers of mobile video poker games are Microgaming, Real Time Gaming as well as IGT.

Play Video Poker with a Casino Bonus

If you wish to learn video poker without using up your entire budget you can choose to play on an online casino with generous bonuses. This way you can use bonus money while learning the game and still win. Just check the terms and conditions on the bonus before activating it because some bonuses can’t be wagered on video poker. Of course, you can play with a bonus on mobile devices as well.

Choosing a Good Online Casino

If you wish to play video poker on a mobile device then you should make sure that you are playing on an online casino that works smoothly on smartphones and tablets. There is also the matter of safety; choose a safe and secure place to gamble where you can be sure that your winnings will be paid out. Always remember to play responsibly and not to play for more money than you can afford.