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Real-life bingo games have been popular since their invention in the 1920s, and the online variety is no different. It’s no longer just a game for senior citizens either as there’s currently a massive resurgence among kids and millennial adults. The online versions of the game have managed to breathe new life into the old classic with new features to enhance the experience. Whether you’re looking for casual bingo game now and then, or have a serious bingo passion, this list has got you covered.

Top Free Online Bingo Games

The good news is there’s a ton of bingo options out there for people to choose from. The bad news is that a lot of them are what’s called “freemium.” Freemium was a term coined to describe a pricing strategy where the service is free to use but comes with additional costs for extra features. For bingo games, freemium can mean waiting for more turns and charging money to speed up that process. This list will help you navigate away from the duds and steer towards the best online bingo experiences.

Bingo Blitz

Starting off with one of the highest-rated bingo games is Bingo Blitz. It’s available to play on Facebook or to download on the Apple App and Google Play stores. The game features multiple card play and special event bingo rooms where even bigger prizes are on the table. Take side quests that help you farm for food and then turn that food into delicious meals. You can also collect special cards that you can trade with friends or strangers from all over the world.

Absolute Bingo!

One of the best online bingo games that you can also play offline is Absolute Bingo! You can play it anywhere at any time with up to four cards at once. This is the game to pick for those that like to play at their own pace. With no internet connection required, you can alter the speed to suit your needs.

Bingo Bash

For a more community-focused game, there’s none better than Bingo Bash. It contains one of the greatest real-time online multiplayer experiences out there for family and friends. You can collect items and level up your character or participate in a team vs. team events in themed rooms. Every day there are new bonuses to unlock and live bingo rooms running 24 hours a day.

Monopoly Bingo!

As the name implies, the game combines old school Monopoly with bingo. Play in the live halls to advance across a version of the classic board game. Win games and you can earn enough money to build your own houses and hotels. You can play with up to eight bingo cards at once to increase your wealth as fast as possible. However, you should note that this is an online-only game. However, for those looking for a unique bingo game, there’s no finer example.

Bingo Cooking

Take a tour around the world in this wholesome bingo game. In Bingo Cooking, you play in one of over ten different city maps and collect ingredients to make delicious local meals. Every time you play, you’re rewarded with new ingredients that give you a chance to win prizes and climb the leader boards. This game has unique music in each city and a relaxing atmosphere for players looking to take it easy.

In Summary

For the passionate pro or the complete beginner, online bingo has something for everyone. Find the one that’s right for you and unlock that bingo fever. But for those looking for more, there’s a whole range of alternative games out there. If you ever feel like taking a break from bingo, or you’re just looking to add a new layer of thrill to your gaming, we’d suggest slot machines as a fun alternative. Take full advantage of the player rewards out there by checking out Goodluckmate to receive additional free spins bonuses for new and returning players.