Best casino slots as told by Casinsio


The time has come for us to release an article that is very much different from all the previous texts that we have written. In this article, we will name a few of our favourite online casino slots.

This article differs from all of our other articles mainly because here we are not going to talk to you about just facts but are going to spice things up by revealing what our own specific gambling preferences are. Who knows, however—perhaps you are going to walk away from this article mightily inspired!

If we had to name our most favourite online casino provider, we would probably go with the Swedish NetEnt. This is mainly due to the fact that they have been in the business for such a long time and have subsequently released more hits than anyone else in the world. It would be a breeze naming as many as 10 or 15 of our favourite NetEnt slots, but here we are going to name but a few.

Lost Relics slot

Lost Relics is an extremely interesting online casino slot. We would definitely score this game 5 out of 5, thanks to its incredibly well crafted free spins more.

With Lost Relics free spins, your goal is to form winning clusters on top of the game area that consists of several floor tiles. Under these tiles there is always one treasure chest hidden, and your aim is to break away all the tiles from above it. If you manage to do this, the chest will be dug up and you will get all kinds of cool spoils from the inside. These prizes could include things such as extra money, sticky wilds and additional free spins. There truly is nothing like managing to dig up many treasure chests during the free spins and thus keeping the game rolling for a long time!

Jumanji slot

Another one of NetEnt’s 2018 online casino hits. While the basic game mode is nothing all that special, this movie-inspired game really shines in the bonus department.

At the start of the Jumanji bonus game, you will get to roll two dice six times. After rolling the dice, you always get to move on the Jumanji board game and could land on any of the game’s four free spins modes, small coin wins, or questions marks that grant you surprise wins. When luck is really on your side, you can actually trigger as many as four sets of free spins during just one board game bonus! It really is astounding how much money it can get you if you manage to pull that one off.

Hotline slot

It is fine, we can admit it. This is yet another NetEnt 2018 title, but it really has been a great year for NetEnt this year. You could even say that these Swedish folks have been able to get as many as three slots in our top 3 just this year alone, although there are a number of other titles that could have just as well replaced Hotline.

Hotline brings you a real 80’s vibe. Drawing inspiration from TV series such as Miami Vice, Hotline is a very nostalgic piece of casino art. Thanks to the inclusion of this game’s bonus bet system, you can sometimes access a whole bunch of free spins as well as stacked wilds while playing. It really does not get a lot cooler than this game!